Lee Yong Dae

Date of Birth:


Career Highlights:

  • 2008 Olympic Gold & 2012 Bronze
  • 2014 Asian Games Team Gold
  • World No.1 in both Men’s and Mixed Doubles
  • Courtside Talk with - Lee Yong Dae

    You have visited Taiwan several times. What impresses you most?

    I know there are all kinds of food in Taiwan, and I’ve been to night market as well. I really love hot pot in Taiwan. I have to go for a spicy hot pot every time I come to Taiwan!

    Let’s talk about your hometown, South Korea. What do you recommend?

    Except for Seoul, I would like to recommend Busan. You can enjoy both mountain and sea in Busan, and, of course, the food there is also amazing.

    You are an outstanding badminton player and have won an Olympic gold medal. Is this your dream when you were little?

    Since I started to play badminton, playing at the Olympics has always been my goal. But I actually wanted to become a police officer in my childhood!

    As an athlete, you must face enormous pressure. How do you deal with it?

    I usually hang out with my friends, grabbing a meal or just walking around with them. I also like working out and sweating. Though I play badminton for daily training, I still play badminton when I want to do some exercise. Working out is a great way for me to relieve the pressure.

    You play badminton even in your free time. Are you interested in any other sports?

    I watch NBA and I also play NBA games, but I don’t have any preference for specific team or player. I also like watching baseball games though I never play.

    If it’s not for tournaments, which countries do you want to visit?

    Europe and the United States. I’m less interested in Asia because I’ve been to Asian countries for numerous times.

    You are a good looking sports star. Some people even think that you look like the actor Lee Seung Gi. What do you think?

    I can see a slight resemblance, but he’s better looking than I am. *Laugh* I’m not particularly a fan of any actor or artist. I’m also not really interested in show business, so I think I’ll just focus on badminton.

    You’re not interested in show business. Then, what do you think about the filming for VICTOR commercial this time?

    My life is normally filled with trainings and tournaments. It’s a different and interesting experience to do a commercial. There is something that I’m familiar with, like badminton; there are also things that I can’t do well. I mean, doing those close-up shots is hard! It’s actually so hard to control those tiny changes in facial expression!